We are committed to eco-friendly operations.
For us, that means providing products and services in a manner which impacts as little as possible on the environment - in all areas:

  • Raw materials
    - We use materials which can be recycled
  • Paper
    - We use paper with an environmental label (FSC, Blue Angel, procurement in Switzerland …)
  • Printing inks
    - solvent-free flexo print watercolours
    - precise dosing of ink quantity
    - remaining ink is used to print insides of envelopes
  • Adhesives
    - Dispersions that are partially mixed with natural starches
    - Residual adhesives are disposed of by our suppliers in line with regulatory requirements
  • Window films
    - Polystyrene films with less impact on the environment than pergamin
  • Packaging
    - Reusable containers and interchangeable frame pallets
  • Production and company building
    - State of the art
    - Production waste is recycled
    - Production wastewater is purified in a three-stage purification plant
    - Buildings heated with natural gas
    - Reduced energy consumption due to heat recovery systems
  • Shipping
    - Optimised transport capacities

our environmental signs