Our sister company, Wipf AG has been developing and producing packaging solutions for the food, pet food, non-food and medical sectors since 1914.



Our subsidiary,  Swiss Direct Marketing AG is a leading provider of multichannel direct marketing campaigns."Creating Response" is more than just a claim.



Our subsidiary, PP Mailing House is the leader provider of direct marketing campaigns in west Switzerland.



With regard to our day-to-day business operations, the Swiss Post office is an important partner to both us and our subsidiary, SDM.


Markenbox: This group markets a range of well-known brand name products associated with the office and stationery sectors.


The Association of Swiss Stationery Suppliers is an association of employers. VSP was formed to promote contact between Swiss stationery suppliers and suppliers in related sectors.


Manufacturers and importers of stationery, office and writing materials in Switzerland are represented by their own association, "PBS Schweiz".



Papeterie & Büro“ - Switzerland's only specialist German-language magazine, is published monthly.