As one of the leading companies in the field of envelopes & direct marketing, Elco looks back on a long and eventful past.

1891   The two pioneers, Samuel Frey und Hermann
           Wiederkehr, set up Frey, Wiederkehr & Co. in
           Gontenschwil. The first products to be made are
           bags and paper bags
1952   Founding of Seetal Papier AG
1960   Launch of perforated pads
1969   Frey, Wiederkehr & Co. AG merges with Schaller & Co. AG -> Schaller Frewi AG
1974   First rotary envelope press and first rotary offset machine
1975   Launch of Technical After-Sales Service department
1977   Mailer production and computer-controlled inkjet addressing
1988   Launch of the "Ordo" file folders
1989   Multi-format rotary offset machine (mailings, photo wallets and promotional envelopes)
1992   Invention of the 2-way envelope for voting (patent for double codification)
1994   Seetal Papier AG merges with Schaller Frewi AG  -> Seetal Schaller AG
1997   Invention of the envelope printed on the inside for security purposes
1998   Innovation: a compensation loop helps keep envelopes nice and flat
2004   Innovation prize for the invention of "ELCO Power“
2007   Seetal Schaller AG merges with Elco Papier AG -> Seetal Elco AG
           Expansion of the ELCO brand: Ordo organiser, school books, writing materials and notepads are included
           in the ELCO range
2010   Commissioning of fully automatic high-bay storage with space for over 15,000 pallets
2011   Company name changed to Elco AG
           The brand logo is adopted as the company logo
2011   ISPA Award: most innovative product with "ELCO Proclima“
2012   The Direct Marketing unit is transformed into an independent company, Swiss Direct Marketing AG
2012   Innovation prize: creative product of the year with "Creative Kids"
2014   PP Mailing House SA becomes a part of the direct marketing activities and an independent subsidiary in
          west Switzerland
2016   Elco fortifies its digital skills and takes over Flyerline Schweiz AG in Altnau 
2017   Christinger AG joins the Wipf Group to promote sustainable Swiss quality and innovation
2018   With the acquisition of Stickerella AG, Elco enters the market of custom stickers
2019   Elco acquires and takes threreby a further step into custom stationery
2020   Looging to the future....

There is much that can be digitalised and beamed - but not that special feeling of holding a letter in your hands. And what about all the objects that have to be mailed? We are also willing to bet that expectations in terms of quality will continue to grow. In which case, you know you are at the right address with Elco!