Schweizerkreuz  Swiss quality
 • Consistently high quality
 • Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours



qualität Premium quality guaranteed
 • Tested on all conventional packaging systems
 • Triple quality assurance system
 • One-stop development, sales and technical after-sales service

Innovation Innovation
 • Self-adhesive strip
 • Security envelopes with printed pattern on inside (certified by document protector)
 • 2-way voting envelopes, etc.

Umwelt Environment
 • Interior printing based on watercolours and water-soluble glue
 • Sparing use of resources (energy recovery, reusable containers…)
 • myclimate certification, etc.

Hochregal Logistics
 • Pre-delivery notification (even to decentralised storage locations)
 • VMI: we manage your inventory
 • Provision of key consumption figures
 • Periodic optimisation of order rhythm
 • Joint optimisation of order sizes
 • Ongoing updating of master data

 • Online ordering
 • Electronic data interchange for orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices (digitally signed e-Invoice)